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Elder, PhD, RN, CNE; Gwen Svoboda, EdD, RN, CNE; Linda A. Ryan, PhD, RN, AHN-BC; Kathleen Fitzgerald, PhD, RN The use of adjunct faculty has increased exponentially in the past decade. It is essential that resources to retain adjuncts are identified and made available to adjunct faculty. To identify the appropriate factors, it is essential to discover what nursing adjunct instructors perceive to be the factors of importance to their work role. The purpose of the article was to determine the perceived factors of importance and availability of work role needs of adjunct faculty. A quantitative, exploratory design was developed, using an anonymous online Adjunct Instructor Likert Scale Survey. The sample included participating adjunct instructors from a possible total of 91 midsized, midwestern baccalaureate nursing programs. Fourteen of 18 pairs were significantly different (p < .05) in adjunct perception. Using these data, colleges of nursing may be able to identify adjunct work factors in that can be improved to increase adjunct faculty recruitment, satisfaction, and retention. [J Nurs Educ.

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